EDCI Formula – Every Day Corrosion Inhibitor – Large 4 oz. Spray Bottle


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EDCI FORMULA® long-lasting formula seals out moisture and air.
A go-to solution for inhibiting rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces.

Product Use:

Use EDCI FORMULA on anything that you want to keep protected and clean:  pocket folding knives, kitchen cutlery, coins, jewelry, steel kitchenware, golf clubs, appliances, car & motorcycle parts, faucets, fishing gear, and many more surfaces.  You are left with a clean, dry surface that will not attract dirt, dust, lint, or promote fingerprinting.

  1. Clean Surface
  2. Shake EDCI Formula
  3. Spray On
  4. Rub In
  5. Wipe Off
  • 4 oz. Spray Bottle
  • Food Safe



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