Knife Pivot Lube Combo Pack 1 – KPL Knife Pivot Oil and KPL Heavy Detent Oil



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KPL will improve the action of your folder.


KPL Knife Pivot Lube is a 15 WT, fully-synthetic oil and is formulated specifically for high-end knives

KPL‚ĄĘ (Knife Pivot Lube) is a synthetic lubricant designed specifically for the pivot mechanisms in modern folding knives.¬† KPL’s high-end synthetic base provides ultimate smoothness.

KPL is formulated specifically for high-end knives.  Wickability modifiers help KPL penetrate low tolerance interfaces and corrosion inhibitors protect your knife.

The¬†viscosity (thickness) of¬†KPL¬† keeps knife actions buttery-smooth without slowing them down.¬† KPL keeps dirt, metal particles, and grit “in suspension” so they don’t cause grinding and premature wear.¬†¬†KPL actually cleans your pivot¬†as you use it.

Compatible with ball bearings, bronze washers, teflon washers, IKBS, MRBS, nylon (nylatron), G-10, micarta, titanium, and metals.


KPL Heavy is a 75 WT, fully-synthetic oil and is formulated specifically for high-end knives

KPL Heavy‚ĄĘ is a higher viscosity version of the KPL you know and love. ¬†KPL Heavy is highly thixotropic/shear thinning formula designed specifically for knife detents and detent tracks. ¬†Ordinarily gel-like, each time your lock mechanism clicks into place, the shock refluidizes KPL Heavy allowing it to refresh the lubrication of your detent ball.

When sitting without shock/shear, the KPL heavy regains its higher viscosity so it stays put near the detent.

The unique properties of KPL Heavy revolutionize detent care.  Eliminate scratchy detents, lubricate less often, and trust KPL Heavy to remain SUPER washout resistant.

  • 1- 10 ml Bottle KPL with Needle Applicator
  • 1- 10 ml Bottle KPL HEAVY with Needle Applicator
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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