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The Knife joker rewards system

We offer rewards when you make a purchase on our website. You will be awarded points that you can use towards your next purchase to save some money!

how it works

  The TKJ Rewards system gives you Reward Points every time you purchase one of our products. For every purchase you make, you will receive Reward Points in your Account that you will be able to use towards your next purchase with us. You can also use your TKJ Reward Points towards a Gift Card for a friend, family member, or loved one.

  How do I check my reward points? You can see your TKJ Reward Points in your Account. You can also check your Reward Points at any time in the Cart.  Add a product to your Cart and go to your Cart. You will see your points displayed and also have the option to use them.

  When you are ready to use your TKJ Reward Points you must apply them in your Cart.  Just add products to your Cart and apply your TKJ Reward Points!

How much are my points worth?

Your points are worth $0.20 each. That means, for every 100 points you have, you have $20.00 to use towards your next purchase.

Note: You must have created an account  in order to use the TKJ Rewards system.  Purchases made as a guest will not qualify for reward points.